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So, I have come to the conclusion that taking a picture every single day may not always work out, but I will definately give it my all! Thankfully when no one else in the house is in the mood to have their picture taken, this little girl never seems to mind. Oh how she loves when the fireplace is on. As soon as she sees it come on she will go lay down in front of it, and to be honest, I kind of want to too! It's been so cold and dreary out the warm fireplace sure feels amazing.

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This little miss is growing up so quickly. I literally see it happening right before my eyes. She has become quite the little lady. Always willing to help, whether it be cleaning up, or cooking dinner... She is quick to forgive, and the first to apologize. She always wants to snuggle... which her mama and daddy love. If she sees someone struggling she will do whatever she can to help. She is full of smiles and giggles, life and love. KZ, thank you for bringing such joy into our lives. We love you so much!

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Yay! Today was finally warm enough to play outside for longer than 10 minutes and not feel like we were getting frost bite! It was so nice to see the sun and warmer temps! Just wish they would stay for longer than a couple days. Forcast shows more snow in the near future! #summercomequick

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