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365 Little Days

This Christmas my incredible hubby surprised me with a brand new camera! I had been eyeing a new full frame Canon and lens and he jumped on it and had it on our doorstep before the holiday! I had so much fun snapping away while the kiddos were opening their gifts Christmas morning.

Lately I had been feeling like my photography was falling into a mundane rut, so with the new year I have decided to challenge myself and take photos EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. this year. Photos of our life, of our community, of the nature around us or simply anything I can fit in the frame of my camera. Photos that can help me step out of my box, capture my life and challenge me to try new things, to stretch my artistic thoughts and learn all I can about my new camera and this life of photography that I absolutley love! Feel free to stop by and see our sweet Little Life that I love oh so much!

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