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Day 3 "Chosen"

My devotional is in the book of Mark. (Which I might add, Mike just informed me that his devotional is also in the book of Mark....crazy coincedince....I think not! God is pretty cool that way! We hadn't even discussed what we were studying on an individual basis and then to find out we were studying the same thing is pretty stinking exciting!) .

Today was out of Mark 3. Today, the disciples were "chosen" . Chosen by Christ!! The word chosen was so much more than just being picked to be on the "good" dodgeball team, or being selected to sing the solo in the spring concert. Tradition shows that the disciple would chose the Rabi they wanted to lean from, but Jesus stepped away from "tradition" and shows his authority by appointing the 12 disciples of HIS CHOOSING! These men had the honor of obeying, serving, and learning from the King who had chosen them!!!

We too are chosen by Christ to be His child. He wants us, he picks us to serve, worship, and obey Him. He chooses us to be with him in paradise by giving his life for us. And get this....He still chooses us, even when we mess up, even when we disobey, even if we feel like giving up....He doesn't! He never gives up on his children and, we get to rest in that knowledge, that we are forever CHOSEN by CHRIST!

Today's pictures are 2 of the same image, edited differently, because honestly I couldn't make a decision which I liked better, they both jumped at me. And I must say, I never add whip cream to my coffee, but when pictures are being taken, exceptions are made, and when exceptions are made you don't waste drink it, every last bit of it!!! :)

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